Terms & Conditions Of ManiFollowers.Com

Basic Information
- ManiFollowers (MF) Holds The Right To Modify Or Review These Conditions At Any Time Without Any Kind
Of Notice. Any Modifications Done To The Terms And Conditions Or Revisions, Takes An Immedient Effect Of 
The Conditions Getting Updated.
- While Registering To ManiFollowers.Com, It Is The User's Responsibility To Make Sure That They Have Read And Fully Understood All The Terms And Conditions Of The Website.
It Is The User's Responsibility To Stay Up To Date With The Terms And Conditions Every Time They Are Updated Including Times Without Any Notice.
- ManiFollowers Will Not Be Held Liable For Any Kind Of Loss That Occurs In Any Way That Might Occur While Using Our Site/Services.

General Information
- By Placing An Order On The Site Including API Orders With ManiFollowers, You Fundamentally/Automatically Agree To All The Terms & Conditions Of The Site Including The Terms
Written On Any Other Page Of Our Site.
- We Hold The Right To Change These Conditions At Any Time Without A Notice. The User Is Expected To Re-Read All Of The Conditions On The Site Before Ordering Each Time To
Ensure They Are Update To Date And Are Aware Of The Changes Made Including Future Changes.
- You Will Only Use ManiFollowers In A Maner That Will Not Break Any Terms Of Conditions Of Ours As Well As The Sites You Order Services For Such As Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, 
And Any Other Site You Order Services/Packages For.
- ManiFollowers Holds The Right To Change Our Prices At Any Time Without Any Notice/Warning Given. Our Refund Policy Stays In Effect During Price Changes Which Occur On The Site.
- We Do Not Guarantee A Time Of Delivery For Any Categories/Services/Packages/Orders, We Only Offer An Estimate Time Of Delivery. As We Only Offer A Estimate Of Delivery, ManiFollowers Will Not
Refund/Cancel/Resend/Etc Orders That Are Taking Additional Time To Be Delivered From The Estimated Time.
- MF Also Holds The Right To Add And Remove Categories/Services/Packages And Any Orders On The Website At Any Time Without Any Warning Or Notice.

Disclaimer & Liabilities
- ManiFollowers Should Only Be Used For Social Media Promotion And Not For Anything Els Including Pranks, Harassment, And Etc.
- ManiFollowers Will Not Be Held Responsible For Any Damages/Harm Our Site Causes You, Your Customers, Or Your Bussiness.
- ManiFollowers Is Not Way Liable For Any Account Suspension, Data Deletion (Such As Images, Comments, And ETC) Done By Any Websites Such As Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Or Other Websites.
- Under No Circumstance, ManiFollowers Will Be Responsible For Any Actions Or There Consequences That You Take Or Occur.
- You Shall Not Take Advantage Of Any Exploits That Might Occur Or You Find While Using The Site To Take Advantage Of The Website In Any Way Including But Not Limited To; Gaining Credit, Exploit Speeds, Get Discounted Prices, Or Any Other Bugs.
- It Is Your Own Responsibility To Make Sure That You Comply With Terms & Conditions Of Websites You Use And Any Legislation You Are Subjected To. Please Use ManiFollowers.Com At Your Own Risk.

- ManiFollowers Will Only Be Used To Promoting Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/YouTube Or Other Accounts On Other Websites And Only To Help Boost Up The "Appearance".
- We Do Not Guarantee That The Order Followers/Subscribers/Members/Etc Will Engage Or Interact With Your Or Neither Your Account. We Simply Only Guarantee That You Will Get What You Paid For. We Cannot Guarantee That You Will Receive, The Exact Amount You Paid For,
Under Some Circumstances, You Might Receive More Or Less Than The Ordered Amount. In No Case There Will Be Refunds Given Due To This Issue.
- We Do Not Guarantee That All Of The Accounts That Might Follow, Subscribe And Etc You Will Look Real, Have Profile Pictures, Bios, Uploaded Pictures.
- You Will Not Upload Anything Including Links On ManiFollowers.Com That Contain Illegal Content Or Any Material Not Accpetected Or Suitable For Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Or Any Other Website.
- While Ordering, Make Sure That All Accounts You Order For Are Not Set On Private, But Public. As If Any Account Is Set On Private, We Will Not Be Able To Provide Anything You Ordered Or A Refund.

Placing Orders
Please Keep In Mind Of The Following Things Before Ordering As You Are Agreeing To Them While Placing Any Orders On ManiFollowers.Com! Please Do Not Open A Ticket Before 48 Hours Of Ordering Asking About A Speed Up Or The Remaining Time Until The Service Is Delivered As It Can Take Up To 48 Hours For Any Service To Begin, Including "Instant Services". Also To Keep A Thing In Mind Is That, Please Do Not Order The Same Service For The Same Account/Post/Etc UNTIL The Original Order Is Completed. As That Can Lead To Under Delivery, And There Can Be No Refunds For This Issue As The Server Cost Is The Same To Us When You Do This. If You Do Not Understand Something, Please Be Sure To Ask Us. Please Make Sure That Wil You Are Ordering, You Do Not Enter Any Links To Any Illegal Sites/Inappropriate Sites/Accounts/Post. Please Also Make Sure While Sending Web Traffic, You Do Not Links To Paying URL Shotners Such As Adf.ly, Shorte.st And Etc, As We Will Not Offer Refunds For Any Of These Issues And Legal Actions Can Be Taken For Some These Issues; If For Example, The Entered Link/URL Is To A Illegal Site.

Panel Resellers/Owners/Renters
If A Panel is Rented Through ManiFollowers.Com, ManiFollowers Owns All Rights To It. Including; Any Info Collected By ManiFollowers Or The Rented/Owner Resellers Panel By The User/Customer/Owner/Renter/Seller. If A Panel Is Re-Sold Or The Ownership Of The Rented/LifeTime Panels Are Transferred, The Buyer Must Be The Own Responsible For Being UpTo Date And Agree To All The Terms And Conditions Of ManiFollowers. It Is Not ManiFollowers Responsibility. ManiFollowers Also Holds The Right To Revoke The Panel License Before The Due Date And Not Provide A Refund. If Cracked Version Of Our Script Is Used Under ANY Circumstances Or Our Panel Is Damaged, Or Copied By The User. ManiFollowers, Holds The Right To Revoke The Panel As Well As Suspend Any Accounts Linked With ManiFollowers.